Tube Settler

A tube settler, also known as a lamella settler or plate settler, is a water treatment component use to enhance the settling of suspend solids in water through the process of sedimentation. It is design to increase the effective settling area while minimizing the footprint of the clarifier or settling tank.

Process Description

When water enters the settling tank, it passes through the incline tubes of the tube settler. As the water flows through the tubes, suspended solids in the water start to settle due to gravity. The incline tubes provide an extend settling path, allowing for improve particle settling efficiency.

The flow pattern within the tube settler promotes laminar flow conditions, reducing turbulence and preventing the re-entrainment of settle particles back into the water. The settle particles slide down the incline tubes and accumulate at the bottom of the settling tank as a sludge layer. The clarifie water collects at the top of the tubes and is collect for further treatment or discharge.

System Components

Tube settlers consist of a series of closely space, incline tubes or channels arrange in a honeycomb pattern. These tubes or channels are typically made of plastic, and their incline angle is usually between 45 to 60 degrees. The tube settlers are installe inside a settling tank or clarifier.

Significance & Advantages

Increased Settling Area : The tube settlers provide a larger surface area for settling compare to conventional settling tanks, resulting in improve particle settling efficiency. This increase settling area allows for a higher flow rate through the clarifier while maintaining effective separation.
Space Efficiency : Tube settlers are design to optimize space usage. They occupy less vertical and horizontal space compare to other settling devices, making them suitable for installations with space limitations.
Enhanced Particle Settling : The incline tubes create longer settling paths, promoting better contact between the particles and the water. This enhances the settling process and improves the removal of suspende solids.
Flexibility : Tube settlers can be retrofitte into existing settling tanks or clarifiers to increase their settling capacity and efficiency without major modifications to the infrastructure.

Target Impurities

  • TSS
  • Turbidity
  • BOD
  • Colloidal Particles
  • Partial Color
  • grit
  • Chemical Sludge
  • Hardness
  • Heavy Metals