Disc RO

A round disc RO system, also known as a disc tube reverse osmosis (DTRO) system, is a specialize type of reverse osmosis (RO) system use in wastewater treatment. It is designe to handle high-solids wastewater streams, such as those containing high levels of suspende solids or organic matter.

System Components

The round disc RO system features a unique configuration that sets it apart from conventional spiral-wound RO systems. Instead of spiral-wound membranes, it uses round discs or flat-sheet membranes stacke in a cylindrical configuration. These membranes are typically made of a composite material with selective permeability.

Significance & Advantages

High Solids Tolerance : The design of the round disc RO system allows it to handle wastewater streams with high levels of suspende solids, organic matter, or other contaminants. The stack disc configuration helps minimize fouling and clogging, resulting in improve performance and longer membrane life.
Enhanced Cleaning and Maintenance : The round disc RO system typically incorporates mechanisms for easy cleaning and maintenance. The disc modules can be easily accesse and clean, facilitating effective membrane maintenance and reducing downtime.
Modular Design : The round disc RO system is often modular, allowing for flexible and scalable treatment capacity. Multiple disc modules can be stack together to increase the treatment capacity as per the specific requirements.
Energy Efficiency : The round disc RO system can offer energy savings compar to other RO systems, as it operates at lower pressure requirements due to the disc configuration. This can result in reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.