MGF - Multi Grade Filter

A multi-grade filter, also known as a multilayer filter, is a type of water treatment system that utilizes multiple layers of different filter media to enhance the filtration process and improve water quality. It is commonly use in residential, commercial, and industrial applications for the removal of suspende solids and turbidity from water.

Process Description

Filtration: Water enters the filter tank and flows through the top layer of the coarsest filter media. The larger particles and suspend solids are captured within this layer, preventing them from passing further into the filter.
Straining and Depth Filtration: As water flows through the successive layers of filter media, the smaller suspende solids and turbidity are progressively trappe within the media bed. Each layer acts as a filter to remove finer particles, creating a depth filtration effect.
Accumulation of contaminants: Over time, the filter media bed accumulates capture impurities, forming a layer known as the filter cake or schmutzdecke. This layer enhances the filtration efficiency by further capturing and retaining impurities.
Backwashing: As the filter media becomes clogge with accumulate impurities, the pressure drop across the filter increases, and the flow rate decreases. To maintain the filter’s effectiveness, a backwashing process is initiate. Backwashing involves reversing water flow through the filter, dislodging, and removing the trappe impurities from the media. The backwash water, along with the dislodge particles, is discharge out of the system.
Rinse and Return to Service: After backwashing, a cycle follows, during which clean water is passe through the filter to settle the media and remove any remaining debris. Once the rinse cycle is complete, the filter is returne to the filtration mode and is ready to treat water again.

System Components

The multi-grade filter typically consists of a tank filled with several layers of filter media, arrange in a specific order base on their particle size. The media layers are typically compose of graded sand or anthracite coal, with the coarsest media at the top and progressively finer media towards the bottom.

Targeted Impurities

Suspende Solids, Turbidity

Targeted Impurities

  • Suspende Solids
  • Turbidity