Grit Chamber

A grit chamber, also known as a grit separator or grit removal chamber, is a component of wastewater treatment plants designed to remove heavy inorganic solids, commonly referred to as grit, from the wastewater. Grit consists of materials such as sand, gravel, cinders, and other dense particles that can settle in the wastewater and cause operational issues in downstream treatment processes and equipment.

System Components

Grit chambers can have different designs, including rectangular or circular configurations, and can vary in size depending on the specific requirements of the wastewater treatment plant. They may also include features such as baffles and flow control devices to optimize the settling and collection process.

Process & Various Functions

Wastewater Inlet : The influent wastewater, after passing through coarse screens to remove larger debris, enters the grit chamber.
Settling Zone : In the grit chamber, the flow velocity of the wastewater is reduced to allow the heavier grit particles to settle to the bottom. The design of the chamber promotes the formation of a quiescent zone where settling can occur.
Grit Collection : The settled grit, which sinks to the bottom due to its weight, is collected using mechanisms such as grit augers, grit pumps, or airlifts. These mechanisms transport the collected grit out of the chamber for further treatment or disposal.
Effluent Outlet : The partially clarified wastewater, with the lighter organic and inorganic particles still in suspension, continues its journey to subsequent treatment processes.

Significance & Advantages

The primary purpose of a grit chamber is to separate and collect these heavy particles, preventing them from causing damage, abrasion, or blockages in pumps, pipes, and other equipment. The grit chamber is typically located at the initial stage of the wastewater treatment process, following the preliminary screening of larger objects.

Targeted Impurities

  • Grit – consisting of sand, gravel, cinders or other heavy solid materials